Although it can be fun, planning and executing a successful garage sale is not an easy task. Apart from the groundwork and logistics involved, a lot of other important factors come into play; chief among which is your pricing structure for the items you wish to sell off. From our years of experience in this business, we at Grand Slam Garage Sales have come to realize that the issue of pricing is of strategic importance for the success of your garage sale venture. If you don’t get your pricing right, then all effort may be come to naught as you will either end up underselling your stuff at low prices, or in worse case scenarios, scaring away your prospective customers with high prices.

As market leaders in this business, we have conducted garage sales with countless success stories (checkout for testimonies from satisfied customers and We know that the pricing structure differs for different categories of items. The way you price items of furniture for instance, differs from the way you price electronics, toys, clothes, or other high end items. Knowing the myriad of items that may come up for sale in your garage sale, we are providing you with a one stop solution for determining a fair price for each of these items. With, we make it easier for you to get information on how to price your items.

Price My Sale is one of the many initiatives which make Grand Slam Garage Sales a rallying point for people who at one point or another, have had to resort to a “garage sale” or “yard sale” or “estate sale” (whether it’s online or offline) as a means of getting rid of their unwanted stuff. On this site, we offer different pricing packages, based on the number of items you want us to help you price. These packages are very easy to use since all you need to do after purchasing one is to type in the necessary information about the items you’re looking to sell.  We’ll then send you information on the best way to price these items and even offer you suggestions on where you can sell them. It’s completely hassle free!

With any of our pricing packages to assist you, the problem pricing is instantly taken care of. In addition, you will have more time on your hands to take care of other logistics needs that are important for holding a successful garage sale online or offline.